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Buddy Study

Buddy Study

Learn One-On-One


 Moses and Maimonides

One-on-One Study 

now make house calls!

Can't make it to a class? Interested in learning more about your heritage, faith, and history in a more relaxed setting? We'll bring the class to you!
Rabbi Raphael and Sarah are available for one-on-one learning and discussion on any Jewish topic under the sun. No questions are off limits!

Whether it's Aleph Bet, Talmud, the weekly Torah portion, or Kabbalah - you name it and we'll make arrangements to have it taught in your office, home, on the phone or at the coffee shop! Your level, your choice, your turf.

A Mitzvah means a connection. Isn't it time you got connected?

Contact us to set a time and place. 



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