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Saskatoon Welcomes You!

Saskatoon Welcomes You!


Saskatoon Welcomes You!

The history of the Jewish community in Saskatoon is over a hundred years old, and you can continue to write it.
Located in the centre of the province of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon is the sunniest city in Canada, with clean air and water.
Economically, Saskatoon is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.
Your family will be living in an economically stable, fast-growing, and safe place.
Your children will be able to get a good education at the University of Saskatchewan and numerous colleges.
We will be glad to help you start a new, happy life on Canadian soil.
We will help you to start the immigration process, provide you with a letter of support, and we will support you in taking the first steps in your new home, Saskatoon.
Please contact us for further information. Click here to learn more about our fabulous city. 


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Saskatoon Welcomes You!

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