Our Directors


Rabbi Raphael Kats grew up in Toronto, and studied in yeshivas in Israel and Toronto before completing his studies and receiving rabbinical training from Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. During the course of his studies, Rabbi Kats served as a student mentor and teacher at various programs in Israel and Toronto. He also served as scholar-in-residence at the acclaimed Ivy League program in the Catskills, where university students with little of no formal Jewish education get to taste in-depth Torah study for the first time. Upon completing his rabbinical studies, Rabbi Kats served as an instructor at a post-secondary rabbinical college in New Jersey, and an elementary school teacher. He also gave classes to professionals and businesspeople in Manhattan and New Jersey, and contributed research and writing to a scholarly book on the teachings of Maimonides. Mrs. Sarah Kats was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. She spent her summers working and later directing outreach summer camps in New York, Connecticut and California, and served as a full-time student mentor at a girls' seminary in Sydney, Australia. Raphael and Sarah Kats were married in 2006, and live in Saskatoon, since 2011, with their five lovely children.